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Sue and I thought it would be interesting and educating to interview people that have made the leap to being RV full-timers.  Connecting on Facebook groups have been awesome but we thought we could gain even more insight by talking with people on our podcast.


In this episode we talk with Rich and Carolyn Sasek. I first met Carolyn on her Nomadic Blogger Resource Network Facebook page and then Sue joined Carolyn’s Nomadic Hugs Facebook Group. Rich and Carolyn were a delight to talk to and it was very interesting to hear their story. They have some really good insight into being prepared to downsizing, the advantages of living in a small space, and much more in the podcast.

I asked Carolyn to share with me her top 5 tips for those that are in the planning stages of going full-time and this is what she had to say.


Downsize — Downsize — and then… Downsize Again — Sell/Gift/Long-term Loan/Donate — live in boxes for a bit to see what you really use and then part with the rest!


Being involved in an extended community is important — creating a support system — Whether that’s online via Yahoo groups, Facebook, etc and/or organizations like Escapees (“Birds of a Feather” – BOF Groups) and such. Even joining Thousand Trails can create a community of sorts as it’s a membership.


Don’t be lured into buying an RV at a show — Ever! and Contrary to what some believe, there is no “Perfect rig” “one size fits all” for everyone!

Driving yourself crazy to find the ‘perfect’ rig should have it’s limits — remember in all likelihood if you continue RVing long term your needs/wants and desires will change overtime and with experience. (As they did with us… ** We started with a 36′ Class A and thought our next ‘rig’ would be a ‘bus/highway coach’ — but due to our cross-country trip in our Suburban (2010) we downsized to an 18′ Vintage trailer — and are now contemplating if our next rig — we’re thinking a little bigger, but how much bigger will our ‘next step be???’ — and how long until we change our mind again?? )


Recognize that nothing is in stone — We have often shared that “Nomadic plans are made in sand… and the wind doth blow!”

As we said earlier the rig that you start with will most likely not be your ‘forever’ rig, as you have different experiences they’ll have an effect on your perspective and future choices. If someone would have told us in the beginning that we would downsize to a small, 18′ Vintage trailer, we would have told them that they’re crazy, or at minimum… That’s not likely!

Additionally ‘life happens’ whether you’re in ‘sticks n bricks’ or ‘on the road’ — Roll with it! The more able you are to ‘make lemonade from lemons’ the more contentment and joy you will find in this lifestyle.


It’s Your Life!! Make the choices that you can live with! (And give yourself permission to change your mind as you see fit, whatever that looks like!) You will encounter “Naysayers” and you will encounter those who say “Wow! I/We wish we had the guts to do that!” Over time some of the naysayers will change their perspective when they see that you’re truly happy in your life choice; and then those that won’t no matter what! (It’s okay that not everyone shares our joy… really. We understand.)

You can read more from Rich and Carolyn on their blog at

They also have numerous Facebook Groups for Nomads and wannabe Nomads


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Thank you so much Rich and Carolyn for being on our podcast and we look forward to connecting with you on future episodes, on Facebook, and perhaps even while on the road.


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      I am not sure what happened but it should be working now. I was able to listen to it here on the page and on my podcast app (iTunes) on my iPhone. Let me know if you are still having issues.

  2. Great interview!

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